Saturday, 20 February 2010

Protests Break Out at Manchester University's Students' Union

Protests between Israeli and Palestinian supporters broke out at Manchester University's Student Union this week, in reaction to the decision to allow the Deputy Ambassador of Israel speak in the union building.
The Ambassador ended up cancelling the talk amid security fears, but anger over allowing it to happen in the first place was still rife. Action Palestine began a peaceful protest, claiming the decision contravened the 'Gaza Crisis' policy that was passed last year.
Things took a an unexpected turn when Israeli supportes turned up claiming that the policy was an attack on freedom of speech.
Fuse News were on the scene.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Students Evacuated From Rooms Due To Gas Leak

Over a thousands students were evacuated from their rooms earlier this week, following a gas leak in Whitworth Park.

The leak, which was discovered in the university owned halls of residence at 5 o'clock that evening, meant the whole gas supply had to be cut off from the park, leaving its 1100 residents without hot water or heating, with temperatures below zero. Students were asked to leave thier rooms and head to friend's flats or alternatively to University Place, where food had been provided. Fuse FM were first on the scene as students made their way to University Place with their sleeping bags.