Wednesday, 18 November 2009

General Meeting

On the 21st October UMSU held its first General Meeting of the year.

General Meetings are where Students can go to vote in favour or against the motions that are put forward, and can often decide important union policy. However, these meeetings rarely reach quorum, which is a tiny 300 people; one percent of our student population. Myself and Fuse News reporter Phoebe Keane went out onto Oxford Road to ask students if they were going and why. To hear the responces we got click on the link below:

Community Fete

On the 8th October the University of Manchester's Student Union held a 'Community Fete' in which charities and community organisations could set up stalls encouraging students to take part in volunteering and charitable activities

An interesting afternoon, with lots on offer, and an effective way of putting out the message that not only is volunteering in your local community fun, it also looks great on your CV. To hear the report I did for Fuse FM click on the link below:

Uni-Q comes to Manchester

On 16th October 2009, a new television programme called Uni Q came to film its first episode at the University of Manchester.

The show, run by the political production company Catch 21, was aimed at students and took a 'question time' format. It was to provide students from all over the UK with a new platform to engage in politics. For its first episode they had a mixed panel which consisted of, Hazel Blears, Labour MP for Salford and ex-Cabinet Minister, Douglas Murray, Neo-Conservative director of think tank 'Centre for Social Cohesion' and finally Conservative Councillor for Worsley and General Election hopeful, Ian Lindley.

An exciting event for the students of our University to get involved in, and certainly one I wasn't going to miss out on. I got in touch with Alex Sargent, Company director of Catch 21, and got permission to cover the event for Fuse FM. I also, rather ambitiously, got in touch with Hazel and Douglas, asking them for a interview post filming. To my astonishment, they agreed. To hear what all the panelists had to say, as well as audience members, click on the link below to listen to the report I made for the Fuse News Show.