Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Not enough hours in the day.

Despite the fact that the clocks went back, I am still desperately trying to find time to do things. Little things. Like upload my work onto this blog for a start.

I ran a workshop tonight. It was, I must admit, quite ambitious of me, but I thought it might help those in my news team that had never written for the radio before. It went well I thought - I think most got something out of it. Just did a few 'mind map' exercises on what makes good radio news, or vox pops etc. Lets see if it makes a difference to news that is produced!

Various reports I have done etc to come soon....ish.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Blog wha?

I must admit, for someone who considers themselves 'in-tune' with the ever-changing media, the fact that I have up until now never 'blogged' is a little disgraceful.

I think the reason I never have is because I never really understood it. However, on curious inspection to various peer's 'blogs' I have seen the potential for exposing some of my own work to the wolld wide web community.
Bascially - I am a (budding) broadcast journalist so will use this blog to post my reports etc, almost like an audio CV.
I hope anyone that listens to them likes them. Advise is welcomed.